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The MILE Advisory Board 2013 - 2014


Seated, left to right:   Robb Evans, Treasurer; Elizabeth Tischio, Vice Chair; Joseph Soja, Chair; and Judy Cook, Secretary.  Standing, left to right:  Elizabeth Tirone, Hospitality Co-Chair; Rosemary McNerney, Website/Email; Marsha Judson, Hospitality Co-Chair; Ruth Armentano, College Council Rep; Ellen Long, MxCC Foundation Rep, Member-at-Large, Road Scholar Trip; Carol Ricker, Telephone Committee Chair; Lorena Pulis, Member-at-Large; Al Schumann, Membership; Nancy Jordan, Diversity Committee; Sue Delvecchio, Curriculum Chair. Missing: Joanne Roczniak, Publicity Chair.

Our officers have completed their terms and will be replaced in 2014 in accordance with our by-laws.  Since we are a nonprofit membership organization, our Advisory Board is composed of all volunteers.  The officers include a chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, and treasurer.  In addition chairpersons of all standing committees, up to four members-at-large, and the immediate past chairperson complete the board. 

We welcome both new and longtime members to become part of the leadership of MILE.  Serving on the board, either in an elected office or as a committee chair, will allow you to use your talents, contribute to the success of this dynamic organization, and be part of many facets of the MILE community.

"Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification." Martin H. Fischer